Zoid Toys Are Collectible

Those who are a great fan of Zoids Zero will never miss out on Zoids action figures, especially those Zoids model kits which have been known to many, as a form of collectibles. These Zoids toys are famous amongst fans of Zoids and those who worship the magnificence of mechanics and giant robots.


These Zoids action figures and model kits come in many different forms. One of the most common among collectors are the Zoids snap-together model kits. These toys are usually in a 1:72 scale and it does not require and form of glue nor paint. Each of these mechanical-beasts come in their own unique animal forms. In order to make these Zoids toys more appealing and realistic, every Zoids model kits has their own built-in pilot, a feature which draws in large numbers collectors. A list of instructions come with these Zoids snap-together model kits.


Besides, there are also a series of improvised Zoids toys which are in the snap-together for. These has been released after the usual Zoids easy snap-together action figures. There is a magnificent turret looming above the toy as a rotating radar, plus a insect-pivoting antennae. The opening cockpit and mechanical robot toys which are motorized will keep collectors on their bouncing feet as the Zoids roll into action.


Another super eye-catching Zoids toys would the Helic Republic Elasmothrium series of Zoids. This is absolutely due to the fact that it can be fully radio controllable. With this series of Zoids toys available, fans can now control their own toys into battle fields with left, right, forward and reverse maneuvering functions as the Zoids have motorised legs. Fans and collectors can even fire pellets to damage the enemy Zoids by using a dorsal cannon. During the fiery, fierce battles between these toys, four armor plates will come popping off as it is being hit with pellets. There is, naturally, a handheld controller for every model kits within the box of this awesome series.


Going on what would be the latest series of Zoids toys which include the Blox type model kits and the Tomy Zoids Customised Parts for Active Shields. The Zoids Blox types are sets of mind-blowing series using special combinations of blocks or pegs which gives loads of possibilities and customizability. It is a sure-call for Zoids fanatics. For the Zoids Active Shields train of series, its smaller and active barrier-shield gives the Zoids an edge as it can protect itself from all possible angles. However the downside of this superior defense would be that the huge amount of the energy drainage, making it useable around two to three rounds of battles.

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