Zibits Mini Remote Control Robots

Robotic toys are a hit with our children, but they're always so costly. Senario has created an affordable and fun robotic toy that offer sound, light and movement for under 10 bucks.

Robotic toys are always coming on the market and with their clever marketing, kids are often asking for the latest and greatest gadget. I don’t know about your kids, but ours will quite often play with a toy for a day or two and then it gets put within the closet with the other remote control toys that they're tired of.

Zibits appeal to both adult and children because they're collectible and have numerous different styles. You can definitely see a kid getting a lot more use out of a toy if it is something they're collecting. They can have a entire army of these little robots and display them in their rooms, but also get them out and play with them.Zibits are extremely easy to control around and they go backwards, frontwards, in a fill 360 degree rotation and come with fun lighting and robotic sounds.

You can pick them up at most toy stores or grab them online today at amazon.

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