Zhu Zhu Pets Are Loved By All

Remember when people used to buy real hamsters as pets? Well, maybe we can 't say that just yet. But did you know that toy manufacturer Cepia's innovative new toy "Zhu Zhu Pet" quickly ran out of stock upon their debut? Their popularity is best understood with what Laura Phillips, V.P. of Wal-Mart toys had to say."As soon as we're getting them in, they're literally selling from boxes."


The Return of Interactivity.

We already know the incredible success of video games consoles. However, hasn't it seemed for several years now that high-tech fled away from toys that engaged us in the real world. Remember Teddy Ruxpin, Laser Tag, or Omni the Robot 2000. So could the growing popularity of the small automated Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters bring about a renaissance in interactive toys? Well lets consider what makes these kids toys so popular? First there are 2 modes of operation. Adventure Mode in where they move around by themselves, which is not ground breaking. Yet, if Zhu Zhu Pets get stuck, they will stop, back up and readjust their course. Giving them some credit as more life-like than other toys. Second, they react to the touch not with 3 or 4 different sounds but with 40 sounds that range from excited to calm. And if placed in Nurturing mode the plush robot hamsters will purr with every caress the kids give them.


Buyers are Promoting the Toys.

All in all you have a toy that actively engages both boys and girls fueling their imagination. And with no food to buy or smelly waste to clean up, just the occasional new batteries. It's no wonder why parents are promoting the robot pets themselves, just check out the video result on youtube.com for Zhu Zhu pets. Why the only draw back to the interactive toy has been its cost. Which has seen an increase with it's popularity, at around $30. But keep in mind though Zhu Zhu Pets are American made toys.


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