WowWee Bladestar Flame Indoor Flyer – Indoor Flying Fun For All

By Fran Sloan

A truly innovative toy, the WowWee Bladestar Flame Indoor Flyer is especially designed to fly indoors and is sure to change the way you think about helicopter flight. This helicopter style flying machine can hover just like the real thing. Designed for children of ages eight and up, the wingspan on the flyer is a full twelve inches wide so it definitely cannot be considered as just a little toy.

Choice of Autopilot or Manual Controls

You can take complete control of the chopper with the Bladestar remote. The most exciting feature of this remote is that it offers up to three channels, which means you can fly up to three machines in the same area. Think of how cool it is to be able to fly up to three of them in the same room! Most toys like this don't have the extra channels that allow this to happen.

However, while you can take the control the chopper manually if you want to, it also has an autopilot mode that makes it possible for it to fly through the house avoiding ceilings and other obstacles.

Accessories to Enhance the Enjoyment

You can also find plenty of exciting accessories for the WowWee FlyTech Bladestar Flame Indoor Flyer as well. You can use the dogfight accessory that attaches to the remote control and use the Fire button to force down your opponent when they are in range. This flyer is made from a very lightweight, highly flexible material and is designed to withstand the crashes that you can expect to experience, especially when you get shot out of the sky when playing with other friends.

Rechargeable Convenience

Another great feature of the WowWee FlyTech Bladestar is that it's rechargeable. You simply attach it to the remote until the next time you're ready to fly. This toy requires six AA batteries and the dogfight accessory will require two of the FlyTech Bladestar batteries. All batteries are sold separately, but each charge is enough for a full five minute flight. The flyer is fully recharged in only twenty minutes, allowing for tons of great flying action.

The WowWee FlyTech Bladestar Flame Indoor Flyer is predicted to be one of the holiday's hottest toys. Grab one now before they're too hard to find. Imagine the look on your child's face when they find out one of these machines is all their own. A word of caution though - many parents are find that they enjoy playing with this machine just as much as their kids and have hard time actually giving it to their children after they've bought it.

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