Why Are People of All Ages Playing With Zhu Zhu Toys?

By Jan Smith

There is something about scampering robotic Hamsters that has grabbed people's affections this Christmas season. Is it the colouring of these small, lovable robotic critters or the fact that they don't bite, scratch, need feeding, have to be walked or ever need to use a litter box?

The robot hamsters have their own character traits that a parent or buyer can match to the child's own character which makes them relate to their pet even more.

An active child loves a zhu zhu toy like Mr Squiggles that runs and scurries, explores and loves in the same manner as the child. All children like to be cuddled and peted and if they have a real live animal there are often times when the animal doesn't want to be petted and loved and will bite, scratch or run away. A Zhu Zhu robot hamster will take as much or as little love as the child wants to give and then some by purring or making otherwise cute, reassuring noises.

The feel and movement programmed into the hamster for each activity they are planned to execute is modelled on the way a 'real' hamster would behave and this animal behaviour is probably one of the attractions for adults who enjoy playing with the toy and child as well. The more life-like they are and with the right reassuring noises, they act as a comforter, an entertainer and a friend.

Children need a special pet of their own but in today's world it's not always possible. A real live animal usually can't be kept in rental accommodation and requires proper veterinary care; which can be very expensive and out of the reach of many families in these economic challenging times.

A Zhu Zhu robot toy hamster doesn't require feeding, so no extra cost at the grocery checkout and no extra heavy tins or bags to have to lug home. And because there's no food 'input' there's no food 'outlet' so you never have to walk the animal, buy or clean a litter tray. Zhu Zhu Toy hamsters make the perfect pet for people from all walks of life and all from all socioeconomic backgrounds as the least expensive pet on the market today.

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