The Ultimate Wall-E Programmable Remote Control Robot

By Matt J Ryan

Disney's movie Wall-E was a hit with audiences of all ages. Wall-E can now come to life in your very own home. Wall-E has 10 motors and 2 microprocessors that help him to perform a variety of actions for your entertainment and interaction. Children are already love this clever character, let them bring him home as their new best friend.

Wall-E is programmed with five different interactive modes. He has a Follow-U, Explore, Dance, MP3 Music, and program mode. Each of these modes allows Wall-E to act in different manners, each one providing entertainment to a child.

Each mode is named for the action that Wall-E actually performs. Talkback mode allows him to verbally interact with consumers, explore allows him to freely move around in any environment, follow-u enables him to follow a human around; he will dance for you when put into dance mode, and so forth.

The integration of audio, motion, and obstacle sensors facilitates Wall-E's movement and interactions. Audio sensors enable Wall-E to react to sound. He physically turns toward a sound and responds to it. Motion sensors, on his front and back, allow him to move around liberally, in nearly any situation. Obstacle sensors help Wall-E to avoid crashing into different objects by re-directing his path.

An infrared remote control allows consumers to program additional commands for Wall-E. (Program mode, mentioned above, allows you to command him to perform these programmed actions.)

Wall-E's remote makes it easy for anyone to play with him. It has a touch pad control, dual joysticks, and 16 function buttons. These functions command Wall-E to activate voice, lights, sound effects, music, expressions, your special programs, and much more.

The ultimate Wall-E programmable remote control robot does not come with the AA batteries that it needs to function (four for Wall-E and three for the remote). The unit does; however, come with the infrared remote control, 7.2V rechargeable battery pack and charger, instruction manual, and MP3 backpack and connection cable.

The ultimate Wall-E programmable remote control robot is available from $250 - $290. He is 18-inches by 15 1/2-inches by 13-inches and is for use by children age 8 and higher.

If you are looking for an entertaining interactive toy, for your child, the ultimate Wall-E programmable remote control robot is a great selection. Wall-E can keep your child, and you, entertained for hours. Whether he is dancing with your child, playing their favorite music, or even making facial expressions - he makes an exceptional playmate!

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