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Share Your Robotic Projects With Legos Mindstorms Community Forum

If you're interested in developing your own robot Lego has created a great online community for you to share your projects and view others. You can update your progress, rate and even comment on projects. The Lego Mindstorms community is a step in the right direction for those just getting into robotics. Pick up a Lego Mindstorm NXT 2.0 directly from LEGO's website today and start your own project

Here are a few projects to check out.

Legos Mindstorms Community Forum
Buggy Ugly
This is my second mindstorm PROJECT. It only requires 1NXT set 1.0. At the begginning it looked really cool but after I needed to put the NXT on and I named it Buggly- Ugly. My first idea was to have one motor turning one motor pushing and another one moving the US sensor like the explorer bot.

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Legos Mindstorms Community Forum
Angeled Segway/Balancer
This is a project I made some time ago, didn't bothered to publish it then, but here it is! The special about this is that it's wheels are angeled (inspiration from another robot here on NXTLOG) which means, more floor-grip and better balance! It uses a Segway-program I found on NXTLOG, can't remember what exactly. I have made an LDD and a video.

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Second Mini Tank In Mini Tank Series
Legos Mindstorms Community Forum

This is #2 in my mini tank series this tank has almost the same body base as the other one. but it is much lower to the ground, witch makes it a very good climber and thats what i wanted in this series, witch would tanks that can do different things. please commet, rate, and ideas would be good too.

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Virginia Tech Students Build Full-Sized Humanoid Robot

As CHARLI takes his first steps, anxious onlookers stand ready to catch him if he falls. His stride is short, but upright, as a single foot is placed in front of the other within the basement of Virginia Tech’s Randolph Hall.But CHARLI is no toddler.He is a 5-foot tall humanoid robot constructed by graduate and undergraduate students with the Virginia Tech College of Engineering’s Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory.

Virginia Tech Robototics

CHARLI (Cognitive Humanoid Autonomous Robot with Learning Intelligence) is historic. CHARLI may be the very first untethered, autonomous, full-sized, walking, humanoid robot with four moving limbs and a head, built in the United States. His two long legs and arms can move and gesture thanks to a combination of pulleys, springs, carbon fiber rods, and actuators. CHARLI soon is going to be in a position to talk as well. Fans of robotics are taking note.

“This is a significant milestone in robotics engineering and is a testament towards the technological leadership of Virginia Tech’s RoMeLa lab,” said Tom Atwood, editor of “Robot” magazine.That research is under way, there are two CHARLIs.

CHARLI H (for Heavy), is a bulkier robot will utilize custom-designed actuators and other technologies that a single day will allow it walk about the sloping, rising ground that comprises Virginia Tech’s campus. He also is going to be able to run, jump, kick, open doors, pick up objects, and do just about anything a real individual can do.

The students constructed CHARLI L with $20,000 in seed money from the Virginia Tech Student Engineers’ Council and donated equipment from National Instruments and Maxon Precision Motors. “The spending budget constraints really inspired us to think of different solutions, ‘How can we actually make this happen with a little spending budget?' And that actually led us to new kinds of mechanical solutions,” Hong mentioned.

Function about the robot began in 2008 with 13 undergraduate and graduate students working on the project at any given time. Inspiration came from science-fiction films and spouses.Atwood said he is excited for the future. “Eventually, there is going to be a robot in every home assisting families and people, and walking robots will find work in all kinds of places, from warehouses to manufacturing centers,” he said.

Learn more about CHARLI and the Virginia Tech Robotics Lab by visiting romela.org. Interested in getting a robot kit for yourself or a school project check out our listing of beginner robot kits or more advanced robot kits on Cool Robot Toys.


trossen robotics


The Best Robotic Toy

So, you want to buy a robotic toy for yourself or a loved one. Where do you start? How can you select the best robot and make a smart robot purchase in a practical way?


As a robot enthusiast, I have been through this a few times myself. It is usually pretty challenging and time-consuming because the information I need is hard to find and it is generally scattered all over the Internet. There has to be a better way. This is what I am looking for...


What is available?

Quickly figure out what robotic toys are available to decide what looks promising

How does it work?

See what the robot toys can do and how to use them

How good is it?

Learn what other buyers think about the toy robots

How do I buy it?

Find out where to buy the best robotic toy and easily make the purchase


My experience is that these simple things take a lot of browsing and often waste a lot of time. I have decided to try to make this easier for myself and for you by consolidating the information on my website. Here is my plan...


Robot Categories

Make it easy to browse robotic products by robot category like human robots, robotic animals, robotic cars, robot kits, robot games, robot movies and robot books. Some of you may also be interested in robot news, robot manufacturers, used robots, out-of-production robots and robot history.


Robotic Toys

A picture is worth a thousand words. Within each robot category, show a picture and a brief description of the best robot toys that are available.


Robot Videos

A video is worth a thousand pictures. Show robot videos so you see the robotic toys in action.


Robot Reviews

Whenever helpful user reviews are available, summarize their conclusions and offer the full review text for those who want to read the thousand words.


Where to buy robots?

Provide links to vendors who are selling the robots. Try to make it as easy as possible to compare prices and make a purchase.

Robotics For Education

A robotic toy is a toy with robotic capabilities. A toy that its movements are controlled by a micro controller is considered as robotic toy. It is not just another toy. Some teachers use it as teaching tool. Children love to play with it. Old tin robot toy was like a doll for boys. A robotic toy is actually children's version of robot. It has all the robot functionality. There are many robotic toy manufacturers with many product names. Choose one that is suitable for you and your kids.


Some of it comes as a ready made robot; the other comes as robotic kits. Children can assemble the robot by themselves. Sometimes they can build more than one kind of robot in one robotic kit. It is like a construction project. It needs creativity. Numerous robot movies makes children think that robot is real. Robots are like everyday friends for them. Children had a whole lot more imagination than us.


Kids can learn a lot of thing when they play it. It teaches children about construction skills, electronic skills and computing skills. They can play with weight and balance. They will realize that different materials have different weight at the same size. Balance is important for robot, especially for bi-pedal robot. They will learn by experience that the robots need minimum 3 ground point of contact to stand still. Gears and electrical motor is their next lessons. The electrical motor is the source of rotation. It transmits the power through gears. Gear cannot move by itself. Gear is a simple and complex idea in one system. We can teach them about radius and diameter. How its size will affect the rotation speed. For higher grade, we can teach about conversion between rotation and linear speed, depend of the diameter. Gear is a complex study, but it is funny to play with.


Some children are curious on how the electric motors move? Teachers can show them the cables that connect the motors to the battery, the main power source in most robotic toy. They will learn various electrical sources that can feed the toys.


Robots have much kind of sensors. Touch sensor, light sensor, microphone, ultrasonic sensor are popular sensors that often included in the robotic kits. Robots use sensors to communicate with their environments.


We can teach a general robotic toy to become a specific robotic puppy, or even a mighty warrior. Thanks to the micro controller that controls the robot. Robotic toys are amazing tool to teach children.


Children can share their own robotic projects. They will learn how to build a project from idea to reality. They can make their first scientific paper. They can record the main idea, and kind of tools they need. At last they can proudly show us their final robots. Teachers and parents can help by encouraging them to learn more. What is better than a curious student? They will learn by themselves! Some of them can extend their art potential by making a movie with their robotic toy as the main figure. They can create stunning sound tracks, sound effects, and edit their own video. They can event arrange their own music.


There is so much fun in using robotic toy as teaching tool. Children will love it. I bet parents and teachers will love it too. Teachers are not using it for teaching tools only, but as their own toy also.


Get started with robotics with a robot kit here on Cool Robot Toys.

Robot Kits Are Good For Kids

Usually boys love to play with robots because it is gives reality to the robot games and movies that they admire on television. Although most robot movies demonstrate fighting and power exhibition, it is still proven as good toys for kids. Its complex styles and complicated parts have the power to trigger learning and mind advancement to the child. As early as seven years old, robot kits for kids could already be introduced to your child. This wll not just make your child aware of robotics but it will also make him wise, resolve complicated problem and analyze what to do.


To begin your child's learning about robotics or robot building, you can get him a beginner robot kits for kids. The kit is the complete set of a particular robot kit project that includes the all the needed parts, tools and the instruction necessary for part assembling. On the first robotic study of your child, he could learn some important mechanical and electronic parts, how mechanical systems are put together and how to handle simple hand tools. On his first try, it is also important that you still provide supervision because he might have some question and difficulties regarding the parts and the assembling process, you should still be their to guide and show him the right way to do things right.


After your child is done with his first robot kit and you see his passion to learn more, you could introduce higher level or advance robot kits for kids that already involve programming. In this stage he could learn the basic about electronics and computer programming allowing him to analyze things better. He could know how electricity work, its effect to things and the power that it has to manage things. As long as your child has the passion for robotics or robot building continue nurturing it by providing him different and kits and project to work with, and best give him additional reading and references related to robotics. Through this he could develop his interest and expand his knowledge and awareness since analyzing, mechanics, electronics and programming is part of our daily tasks.


On the negative side, the disastrous characters of robots on movies shown on television of could also influence your child's behavior but still that depends upon the training and discipline given by the parent to his child. Through proper explanation and enlightenment of the right things to the child will effectively avoid this situation. Although robot kits for kids bear a tag that it is "for kids" it could also be enjoyed by parents and adults. Actually, you and your child could work together making a robotic project because it will improve both of your knowledge and at the same time develop child and parent relationship.


You can find some great robot kits for beginners and the more seasoned here on Cool Robot Toys.

Robot Kits Are A Great Hobby

Robotics has become part of our daily lives. From toys to home appliances, it has taken over the problematic mechanisms of the amenities that we grew accustomed to. Aside from that, robotics provides challenging activities where we can develop important skills. It can even help us sharpen our research, critical thinking and problem solving skills by honing our mechanical, electronic and software capabilities. It can be a form of are since it allows us to build useful objects from simple parts. With the use of hobby electronics robot kits, we can explore, fix and put components together and learn much more about robotics.

Hobby electronics robot kits are provided to help us hone our skills by doing simple to complicated repairs and modifications on robot components. For instance, we can use these kits in assembling or fixing damaged toy robots. Although the task is quite challenging, it will be a lot easier if you have the right kits. Often, robot toys are designed to roll, walk or climb around your house. Depending on the design configurations of the kit that you choose, you can either make the toy have a built-in brain or remote controlled operations. Either way, going through the process of assembly or conversion will be fun as the kit provides everything you need to get the job done.

There are actually a number of kinds of hobby electronics robot kits, which are fitted for specific uses. For example, programmable robotic kits provide experienced technicians and engineers or even hobbyists with tools that are usually applied on robotic research. For high school and college projects, this type of kits very helpful in deeply involving the students in the efforts of mastering important mechanics, electronics and software development skills. On the other hand, BEAM robot kits are ideally used in using ingenious robotic designs since they are not fitted to work with an external power and do not involve programming. Just like in other tool kits, soldering components is common among robot kits since soldering is essential in the assembly of robotic components.

At the rate by which robotics continuously develops, more and more children as well as adults have been amazed by its wonders. Its applications have significantly improved our way of living. A classic example is the robotic dog. If you happen to be allergic to the real animal, then a robotic animal pet can be an exciting option. Voice activated appliances are now brought to the homes of millions of Americans. As they are simulated to do certain tasks with a specific command prompt, the problems that are faced when preparing and cooking food, cleaning the house or washing clothes will be things of the past. If you can't afford a robot yet, then you can start small. Make robotics part of your hobby and build a prototype of your own. By having the right hobby electronics robot kits, you can easily assemble, repair or modify problematic robotic parts and be an engineer at your own right.

Check out all the cool robot kits right here on Cool Robot Toys!