Students Learn About Robotics With Robot Kits

Robotic kits in Prairie Rose School Division (Manitoba, Canada) are helping students realize complex technical issues. And from the initial response, these Lego Mindstorm machines are fun for children and teachers alike.

Students learn about robotics through robot kits

Barb Lepp is the Divisional Internship Coordinator. Lepp was in Marg Hand's grade six classroom at Carman Elementary to see how the children were doing with these robotic challenges."It is of vital importance to give kids an chance to shine. We purchased several kits at about $300 every," Lepp said.

"What is wonderful about these kits is that it's feasible to solve the difficulties they chose. The kits are in constant use within the school division."Lepp mentioned about 10 to 12 teachers are trained at a time to use them with approximately 40 people having gone through the program.

Kids have an opportunity to work and learn as a team. One group may have the robotic trying to gather objects in front of them while another team has a robotic moving in a particular direction. It hooks up to a personal computer and also the program has to be tweaked as the procedure continues.Jeremy McGill, a Red River computer student and former Carman Collegiate graduate, was at the elementary and was impressed with the work in the classroom."You are doing some truly essential stuff here. This is most likely the most complex points in the personal computer programming world," McGill mentioned.

He added that perhaps most importantly, these children understand that machines do "what we tell them to do". It all starts with learning some basic personal computer programming. And the strategy of the career and technology program appears to be reaching some concrete goals with robotics in action.

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