Screature – The Adorable Interactive Dinosaur Toy For Christmas

By Andrew Hawnt

Interactive Dinosaur toys like the Screature Dinosaur Toy have been big news on the toy scene for a while now, with other impressive examples being toys such as the amazing Kota The Triceratops. The Screature Interactive Dinosaur toy is set to be one of the most popular toys around this Christmas, and certainly the biggest toy around in terms of interactive dinos!

But what is it that makes Screature such a popular toy choice with children this year? Aside from him looking fantastic, Screature is one of the most interactive toy dinosaurs that has ever been released, and while many others have had somewhat human, anthropomorphic features to them, Screature has more of a primal personality.

It's this unique take on the interactivity aspect of the toy that has made it so sought after with children around the world for this Christmas. The Screature Dinosaur Toy is able to stand, puff out his frills, spit water and react just like a Dinosaur would. He will also snap at fingers if you get too close to his jaws!

His water feature can easily be refilled for more fun, allowing him to soak anyone he feels threatened by! With sophisticated technology, great interactive motions, a motion sensor, sounds and a superb design, the Screature Dinosaur Toy is more than justifying the hype by being one of the best toys around for this Christmas.

The Screature toy is suitable for ages of 4 years and older, and he comes supplied with 3 batteries in the package so you can get playing with him straight away. Check him out for yourself with some of the Screature Dinosaur Reviews that are available online, and discover a prehistoric new friend for your children and the whole family!

Andrew writes for countless pop culture and collectibles blogs as well as being a magazine journalist and SF author. For more great Christmas ideas, check out the best Screature Dinosaur Toys online!

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