Zhu Zhu Pets Baby Hamster Stroller

Zhu Zhu Pets Baby Hamster Stroller

The Zhu Zhu Pets Stroller is the hot new accessory for your hip hamster. The zhu zhu pets have had babies and all of zhu zhu land is celebrating the happy news. There are six new additions to the zhu zhu pet's family and each one comes with several accessories to help you and your furball friend take care of them. There is even a stroller that carries two of the sweet little furballs and is pushed by their mommy. So if you are looking for an addition to your little hamster family the cute little babies and stroller are great add-ons.

• Includes: 1 Two Seat Baby Stroller
• Use Hamster Power to push your babies around!
• Connects to all Zhu Zhu Hamster Track Systems!
• Collect all of the Zhu Zhu Pet accessories to make a HUMONGOUS Hamster City!

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