WowWee RoboReptile

With his low menacing stride and striking animation this RobotReptile is an impressive mix of mobility, multi-sensory technology and fiery personality. This adventurous beast awakens with a jump, whips his long tail and springs into action. Capable of high-speed running on all four legs, WowWee's robotic reptile can turn on a dime on two legs.

WowWee Alive Leopard Cub

This robotic reptile moves in many ways. He can be controlled directly with the remote, programmed to perform a sequence of functions, placed into guard mode, or put into his "Normal Mode" where he will roam the environment. A full array of sensors - vision, touch and sound - allow him to freely roam and interact with his surroundings. When he gets overly aggressive, he can be calmed with a push of the "feed" button on the controller. And when its time to rest, place the cowl over his eyes to put him to sleep.

Roboreptile includes more than 30 preprogrammed functions, all handled through the remote. Requires 9 "AA" batteries. Measures 33" long. Colors may vary.

- The ultimate herpetological species. Don't be fooled by this beast's size -- he is fast, ferocious, cunning and intelligent
- A sly and ruthless creature, Roboreptile uses advanced technology for greater intelligence
- Roboreptile's powerful infrared vision and sonic sensors swiftly alert him to disturbances in his environment
- Roboreptile can be extremely hostile or harmless, alert or asleep
- He can be programmed with movements and animations and is packed with personality
- Can be controlled directly, programmed or put into Free Roam, Demo Mode, Guard Mode or Sleep Mode.
- He has four moods aggressive, ferocious, passive or tammed
- In Guard Mode they make him a formidable sentry. In Free Roam his sharp sensory systems make him a ruthless predator

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