WowWee RoboQuad

WowWee RoboQuad

Roboquad is an inquisitive animated robot with unique multi-directional movement capabilities and advanced sensory awareness. Featuring multi-colored flashing lights and techno sound effects, Roboquad is the first true robotic arthropod.

Liven up your living room with the Roboquad, a four-legged, spider-like robot with unprecedented mobility and awareness. The Roboquad is designed with advanced sensory awareness, helping it react quickly to the surrounding environment and pursue a moving object in any direction, including forward, backwards, and sideways. When an object such as a cat or a remote control car passes, the robot's head swivels around so it can monitor its environment without moving.

After it sweeps the room with a tightly focused infrared beam, it makes rapid decisions about how to react to its environment. Once it identifies the object--the sensitive infrared detector can see objects as far as 13 feet away while also identifying their size and spatial details--the Roboquad heads out in one of three speeds, navigating through doorways and detecting table edges in the process. Your cat will meow in amazement, as will your guests.

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