WowWee Femisapien

WowWee Femisapien

Intelligent and interactive, RS Femisapien speaks her own language called "emotish" which consists of gentle sounds and gestures. There is no remote required; interact with her directly and she responds to your hand gestures, touch, and sound.

RS Femisapien has three main function modes, each corresponding to a different head position; tilt her head in the desired direction and her function mode will change. In Attentive Mode, RS Femisapien interacts directly with you; she will slow pose, be your back-up singer, introduce herself, dance with you, and even blow kisses.

Comes loaded with 36 functions and 20 interactive routines, so you will constantly be entertained; there are also 59 hidden functions to explore. Acts as your own personal back-up singer with her Shoop feature; sing aloud or play music, and when in range of any sound source, she will move her hips and arms to the music and sing a back-up tune.

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