Takara Tomy MicroPets-i

Take on the world's smallest and cutest pet you'll ever own! MicroPets-i walks, chases after objects, sings, and even finds friends! It'll walk around on your desk according to its own mood! Mode 1: MicroPets-i's infrared sensor will allow it to chase after a ball or other moving objects! Mode 2: MicroPets-i will intelligently stroll around AND avoid any obstacles in its path! Mode 3: MicroPets-i will sing its own unique melody! Mode 4: When two or more MicroPets-i meet each other they will sing together! The coolest and cutest robot ever created by Japan's toy giant Takaratomy! How many exclamation marks have we used in this one?! I can't remember!

Takara Tomy Robo Q

- Power: 2 LR44 Batteries (included!)
- Black = Sesame
- Red = Milk
- Beige = Custard
- Pink = Rose Hip
- Ivory = Whip
- Brown = Chocolate
- Cream = Oreo
- Light Brown = Mocha
- Yellow = Pudding

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