Takara Tomy

Takara Tomy Robo Q

Robo Q

Ready! Get Set! Go! The four Robo Q's are ready to walk into your lives and get to know you. These toys think, feel and move. Standing at approximately 3.4 cm tall (shorter than your average pinky!), these miniature robots are the smallest mass produced AI machinery that are ready to serve you.

Takara Tomy MicroPets-i


Take on the world's smallest and cutest pet you'll ever own! MicroPets-i walks, chases after objects, sings, and even finds friends! It'll walk around on your desk according to its own mood! When two or more MicroPets-i meet each other they will sing together! The coolest and cutest robot ever created by Japan's toy giant Takaratomy! How many exclamation marks have we used in this one?! I can't remember!

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