FurReal Friends Teacup Pup Papillion

ZFurReal Friends Teacup Pup Papillion

FurReal Friends are a magical line of animatronic plush pets that respond to touch. Division of Hasbro created in 2002 that sells robotic pets, such as Tumbles My Rollover Pup, Biscuit My Lovin' Pup, and Butterscotch the Pony. Designed to be lifelike and lovable akin to thier real life counterparts. FurReal Friends are perfect pets with no cleanup necessary.

Fashionable, fun and always ready to go, the FurReal Friends Teacup Pup Papillion has an animated head and comes in its very own stylish carrier, so you can take your puppy with you wherever you go.

And with fun sound effects, a moving head and poseable legs, this is one precious pooch with a cuteness factor you won't be able to resist!

Puppy figure comes with a carrier and an adoption certificate.

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