OWI Hyper Line Tracker Kit

"Hyper" yes, and we really mean it. This cyber bug possesses a sonic tracking system, and is fortified with a multitude of sensors: photo transistors to detect a black line, tracking memory to memorize its last track of the black line, and two red LEDs that flash to tell you which side of the light sensor is activated. What this all means is that Hyper Line Tracker is the fastest line navigator that we have ever seen. Hyper Line Tracker follows a course of your own design. By using a light emitter, light sensor circuitry, and tracking memory, it demonstrates how robots "see" a pathway. Make a path with a black felt marker or black tape and watch how light sensors enable the robot's motors to make course corrections.

OWI Robotics

• This cyber bug possesses a sonic tracking system
• Fortified with a multitude of sensors
• Basic hand tools are required for assembly
• No Soldering Required
• OWI is the premier line of educational robotics kits
• Recommended for ages 10 and up.

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