Review of the LEGO Mindstorm

The Lego Mindstorms NXT Robotic Set is truly the perfect gift for any child who is interested in science, computers, and robots. Actually, it's the perfect gift for anyone who's interested in any of those things, whether they are a kid or an adult. What makes this robotic set a great gift is its flexibility and its ability to be both extremely complex and relatively easy to use. Kids will have fun building robots that do more than go forward or backward, and for the more complex features they'll have fun working together with their parents while they build a robot of the future! Parents meanwhile will hopefully enjoy the challenge of learning something new along with their children. Let's be clear here, these aren't your basic set of Lego blocks. Lego Mindstorms NXT reviews all agree that there is nothing else like it.


One Lego Mindstorms NXT review said this toy requires a bit of programming and a bit of technical know-how to put everything together. While there are basic instructions for every initial out of the box set up, these sets have the potential to become much more. In the same way that simple Lego blocks can become whatever you can think or dream of, these robotic sets can be put together and the software can be programmed essentially anything you can think of them doing. All it takes is a bit of time and effort to construct and write the code needed to operate your new creations.


According to many Lego Mindstorms NXT reviews, it cannot be stressed how absolutely impressive these projects are as an educational tool and motivator. Smart, curious and bright kids can finally move beyond the basic Lego blocks they outgrew so many years earlier, and move onto something more challenging, and more demanding of their skills. While schools scale back on their math and science programs, these fundamental concepts still play an important role in the world we live in. Any advantage that our children have is an advantage they will have in the future.


As far as a toy, Lego Mindstorms NXT reviews suggest these sets succeed. As far as a learning tool, they are far superior to other science kits or chemistry sets. The combination of physical and mechanical learning while simultaneously requiring computer programming skills cannot be matched by any other so called toys on the market. This is one of those unique examples where the "toy" marketed to children is actually a highly advanced piece of equipment that otherwise would never be touched by kids. But often times toys that are designed for children are honestly designed as mere distractions and have absolutely no educational value. Nearly every Lego Mindstorms NXT review makes note of their educational value.


At the center of each robot is a computerized "brick" which can be attached to a home computer through a USB port or by Bluetooth wireless. Once connected, Lego Mindstorms NXT reviews suggest specialized software writing program enables kids or adults to create the operating programs and commands that the robot will follow. One Lego Mindstorms NXT review said this is real computer programming that your children will be learning and completing. In the same way that kids and teenagers learn spoken languages much easier than adults, the programming required to create software for these robots will eventually be learned by your child and often times becomes second nature. Skills like these are hardly ever taught in school, let alone in any kind of fun and entertaining manner. Mind you, this isn't some watered down form of computer programming. Your child will be learning. Labview, which is the basis for the NXT programming language used in the Lego Mindstorms NXT robotic sets, are some of the same software that is used in controlling the world's largest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. Far too often our children are given very little credit, but even less opportunity to learn and develop into the brilliant adults that they have the potential to become. One Lego Mindstorms NXT review said this toy can make use of every child's potential.

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