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By Andy Charalambous

There has been a rapid development of future technology over the last ten years with robotics being top of the list. During that period of time we have seen a gradual change in the area of children's toy production. We have become more technologically advanced and so our children demand more from today's toys.

The company Revell has been the leader of replica plastic kits for many years and as Revell and Monogram have paved the way ahead with the toy robots industry.

This little article is about the Revell Vexplorer Robotics System. This robot kit won the Best Innovation of Show award at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show. Since then it has been featured in many amateur robotic design competitions worldwide.

Here is why this machine is so popular:

The Revell Vexplorer is a great pack for the robot model-kit enthusiast. Yes it has 300 parts but the main modules have already been pre-assembled so you don't have to be good with your hands to put this machine together. For the rest of the components there is a handy manual that will take you through the process step by step.

Maybe at first it's best to stick to the standard build of the unit but as you become more confident you can create your own style of robot by adding or taking away parts and going through the design process with the "SolidWorks Student Design Kit" software which is included in the pack.

This software will walk you through various sections of the 3-D computer-aided design set-ups to help you construct your ideal robot. This is great for youngsters to learn about design and creation while they have fun.

With the radio control unit, this six wheeled robot can be maneuvered to go anyplace within a 150 foot range. You are able to explore all varieties of areas and not even have to move from your chair. You will be capable of seeing exactly where the robot is going through its spy cam. You will be able to watch your machines exploration live on your TV screen.

The Vexplorer has a solid metallic base, arm and support and has a pincer that can be maneuvered individually so as it can seize things and put them down. With pre-assembled modules you'll be able to build your first robot in less than an hour.

Here is a quick overview of its included features:

  • Compatible with all Vex systems, allowing for various configurations.
  • Built-in spy camera with 150 feet of antenna range.
  • A great gift and an excellent introduction to robotics.
  • Moveable arm and a claw that can grip and move solid and sensitive objects.
  • The spy cam color picture with sound transmits direct to your TV.
  • SolidWorks software disc with step-by-step assembly instructions.
  • 6-channel radio with 150' range.
  • All-terrain tires.
  • Four servo motors.
  • 24 gears.
  • Tools, screws, nuts, bolts.
  • All accessories needed to connect to a TV or computer.

Overall, this is an excellent gift for any child who likes robots and building. There are five pre-assembled pieces with nuts and bolts contained in the pack for putting the robot together. The Solid Works design program is great for thinking up new designs and putting them into practice.

You will find additional information, specifications and discount pricing at the Revell Vexplorer homepage.

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