Pleo the Interactive Robotic Dinosaur

By Chad Clark

I bought Pleo the interactive robotic dinosaur as a birthday gift for my niece and nephew who are ages 9 and 10. I brought the first one to the restaurant where we celebrated with a birthday dinner and presented Pleo to my 9 year old niece (who I think knew what her gift was). She couldn't wait to un-wrap Pleo and awaken him (I had charged the battery beforehand).

I cannot begin to tell you how mesmerized everyone in the restaurant became by Pleo the interactive robotic dinosaur. People asked if they could hold him even the manager of the restaurant wanted one (we couldn't believe how Pleo would not walk off the edge of the table).

My niece didn't want to let the little guy go. This took place last week, so I can't comment as to Pleo's durability at this point in time. I am giving the second Pleo to my 10 year old nephew this Christmas I just can't make him wait until his birthday in February, so I am giving him his gift early. He is so excited, he is counting the minutes. It totally amazes me how lifelike this little dinosaur is and how sweet and lovable it looks. Not only as a toy, but also from an emotional standpoint ... all I can say is ... PLEO ROCKS! Well worth every single penny.

Kids love the fact that Pleo the interactive robotic dinosaur grows up in front of them. They really think that it is their pet but the bonus is that you don't have to clean up after it like a real pet and you or your kids will not be allergic to it. It is also my little niece's favorite choice for a pet because she is a huge fan of "Land before Time" a cartoon and movie series so a dinosaur was an ideal choice for her. My sister said she took Pleo to a play group and it was a huge hit.

So if you're looking for a toy that will bring joy to a child's face Pleo the interactive robotic dinosaur will do the trick. For a great deal on Pleo Click Here.

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