Pleo the Dinosaur a New Generation of Robots

By Jason Melbet

If you are into robotics watching the Japanese dole out their robot wars or creating their bipedal machines that with every passing year seems to come closer and closer to science fiction becoming reality. Perhaps you have heard of Robosapien, Roboraptor or even Robopet. The world was dazzled by these robotic toys by their abilities such as sensing walls, the edge of tables and even having their own preprogrammed autonomous functions. But now the world is introduced to the next generation of robotic toys a Pleo robot that is a dinosaur.

What makes this Pleo robot more exciting than any robotic toy before it? First Pleo the dinosaur has a skin that gives it the appearance of a real creature. Next this robot has more moving features than any predecessor such as realistic eyes that move, open and close. Finally, Pleo the dinosaur has no remote or at least the remote isn't advertised with it, but runs on complete autonomous features such as sight, touch and sound.

Kids will love Pleo the dinosaur as they pet and talk to it enticing generated responses from the robot. Taking the shape of a baby dinosaur, the Pleo robot acts like a just hatched animal. From tiny grunts and wobbly walk to its curious and sometimes playful nature this little Pleo robotic dinosaur comes alive with personality. It goes to sleep after play and awakens when petted like a sleepy child refusing to wake. But as boundless as any baby animal would have, the Pleo robotic dinosaur has only about one and a half hours of play before the batteries need to be recharged. Pleo is like a perfect pet however it can't run in out of control circles like a playful puppy would but its curiosity would surely override any want and desire to chase a robot throughout the house.

Pleo the dinosaur will definitely be a big hit for children who always wanted their own pet but their parents are unable to get them one. Pleo dinosaur has the temperament to handle a child's play, but would only be recommended to older children at seven years or older due to the fact that the Pleo robotic dinosaur is not a cheap toy costing upwards of $300.00. But considering the relative friendly nature by comparison to some of the previous popular versions of robotic toys like the Roboreptile who had a tendency to scare young children with its wildly popular aggressive behavior, Pleo the dinosaur is good for those who want a friendly robot.

If you are looking for Pleo the dinosaur to add to your collection of robotic toys, you will have to purchase it in the meantime online. Hopefully however this little Pleo robotic dinosaur will be more readily available to robot enthusiasts everyone. Robotic toys are on the rise in popularity everywhere and should Pleo the robotic dinosaur decide to have friends like those in the movie Land Before Time where they can interact as baby animals would do naturally would raise a new generation of robot enthusiasts in the nearby future.

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