Pleo Dinosaur Ugobe Life Form – Camarasaurus Reborn

The Pleo Dinosaur Ugobe Life Form is modeled after a one-week Camarasaurus (or long neck) dinosaur, moving through three "life stages.". When "born," Pleo the dinosaur opens its eyes, and starts to adjust to its environment. After owner interaction, Pleo moves into an infant stage, becoming a "juvenile dinosaur." Pleo is like the Furby (Caleb Chung, inventor of Pleo the dinosaur, also invented the Furby), in that the more time spent interacting and nurturing Pleo, the more unique it will become. Ugobe designers and engineers studied the long extinct Camarasaurus, a dinosaur from the Jurassic period. Pleo dinosaur robot, a Ugobe Life Form is the authentic recreation born from that study. Ugobe Pleo can see, hear and touch his surroundings with his special dinosaur senses. This intelligent interaction will make for endless fun.

In bringing the Pleo dinosaur to the market, Ugobe has done a wonderful job. Ugobe's designers and engineers recreated Pleo dinosaur robot's physiology from the fossils of the original. His height and weight are consistent with that of a one-week old infant Camarasaurus. Ugobe designed it to act just like a living animal, meaning it can move on its own, think, learn and interact with its owner, just like a family pet. From watching the video you will swear that Pleo is a real live dinosaur!

Ugobe Pleo is powered by an internal, rechargeable NiMH battery that takes about four hours to charge and provides approximately an hour of active life. This power supply features a battery level indicator that causes Pleo to feel very tired and slow down, so you know precisely when he needs to be recharged.

Pleo has a microphone on either side of his head which enables him to detect sounds through sterophonic hearing. Ugobe made the tail super tough and as long as you give Pleo plenty of attention and love, a little tail pulling is alright!). Ugobe has created a unique animated form that challenges the relationship between human beings and non-living creatures. Pleo will again be the must-have toy of Christmas 2008.

When he feels like it, Pleo will do a number of things such as graze, nap and toddle! He can change his mind and his mood like a person. Pleo will even happily munch on "leaves" (artificial of course) that come with the package after sensing the leaves near his mouth. Once the kids get their hands on this hot item, you'll understand very quckly why it's listed as one of the top Christmas toys for 2008.

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