Masdar’s Driverless Robotic Shuttles

We no longer have to imagine a world where cars drive themselves. In Masdar Town, Abu Dhabi, robotic shuttles are already a reality. Madsar's net zero power community is on the front line of innovative technology with a special focus on the environment.

Constructed by Dutch manufacturer 2getthere, the autonomous electric automobiles are guided point to point utilizing overhead RFID and magnet sensors to shuttle through the net zero power. Masdar can expect their new robotic shuttles to go 25 miles per hour.

Masdar Tests Driverless Robotic Shuttles

But perhaps the most innovative technology to debut in Masdar City is the planned network of self-driving electric vehicles. Because what's the point in concentrating about the road if your car can do it for you?

It appears that the "car-free" part of Masdar City's plan doesn't mean no cars whatsoever, just no gas-burning automobiles. We first wrote about Masdar back in 2007 and it's a "zero carbon, zero waste, car-free city" dream that has not died quite yet. The latest technologies that might be employed there's an all-electric, driver-free pod car constructed by a Dutch company called To get There.

City planners have ordered a dozen pod vehicles. Eight standard units, two VIP models and two which will move freight rather than individuals. The EVs can go up to 25 miles per hour and go around 37 miles on a charge. RFID chips and sensors maintain the vehicles about the road and stop them from hitting individuals. To maintain everything as carbon neutral as feasible, the cars' batteries are charged from other batteries, which spend all day within the Abu Dhabi sun charging up.


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