Korea Building Robot Theme Park

The robot theme park in the Incheon Free Economic Zone is to be officially designated today as Robot Land improvement area by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy under the robotics development law, ministry officials said.The robot theme park, which the government says is the very first of its kind within the world, will feature numerous attractions for example entertainment facilities, exhibition halls, research and improvement centers, education buildings and industrial support facilities, officials said.

Robot Theme Park

The interactive web site for Robot Land already has artist renderings and info about the plans for the park. The website says the robot them park will consist of robot characters from movies and robot movie sets.

There will be a robot aquarium where visitors can watch and manipulate robot fish. Other features include a food court where individuals are served by robots, robot rides and a water park.

South Korea are building Robot Taekwon V. It is really a 364ft robot (twice the height of New York's Statue of Liberty) set to become the main attraction in the future Robot Land theme park.

Visit the Robot Land website to learn more!


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