iRobot Dirt Dog Keeps Your Workshop Clean

The iRobot Dirt Dog 110 is a workshop robot which is one of the most amazing products from the iRobot brand. With their other fabulous vacuum cleaners like the Roomba, this Dirt Dog goes even a step further.


This robot vacuum cleaner is available at around $130 and is the perfect cleaning machine for hardwood floors and industrial floor surfaces including shop carpets. The operation for this robot vacuum cleaner is simple with the one button operation and a high speed bunch of counter rotating brushes.


This vacuum cleaner also has a stair avoidance system and comes with an oversized dust bin. The robot takes about seven hours to be charged fully and then it can work all day. The owner's guide has very simple and clear instructions which can even be followed by someone who is completely new to this robot machinery system.


The Dirt Dog vacuum cleaner used a standard battery which can be charged by a standard charger and comes with a cleaning tool attached. The entire diameter of the unit is about thirteen inches and has a width of four inches. The unit comes with a warranty of one year and weighs fifteen pounds. This cleaning machine is highly convenient and comes with a 14.4 volt Ni-MH battery that is fully rechargeable.


You can clean up any kind of space with this vacuum cleaner and washer from garage areas to hardwood floors and from basements to industrial floor surfaces. The machine makes dirt impossible to escape its counter rotating brushes which spin at a speed of about a thousand times per minute. This even cleans out the debris and dust that has accumulated over even the most roughest of surfaces.


All the user has to do then is to press the "clean" button on the Dirt Dog unit which will turn the cleaner on and it will begin to sweep under work benches and other furniture as well as cars and it can even go into some of the most difficult places to reach. It can even pick up such hefty items as bolts and nuts while cleaning. There are latest cliff sensors in this unit which enable the unit to keep stable over stairs so it doesn't fall off.


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