Hot Christmas Toys 2009 – Rocky the Robot Truck Unleashes Your Inner Child

By Dee Power

From Mattel, Rocky the Robot Truck is sure to be the best friend of boys, 3 years and up, all over. They will have a blast because it is a dump truck that turns into a robot. It is a fresh take on an old idea generated by Transformers. Even adults who are still in tune with their inner child will definitely have fun with Rocky the Robot Truck.

Rocky the Robot Truck does everything. It moves in whichever direction your child instructs it to. And like any transformer inspired toy it changes shapes. The icing on the cake is that it even talks to your child. Surely, every kid would want to have this toy for Christmas. Some adults will wonder how come there weren't such great trucks when they were kids.

Not only is it a truck and a robot but it's interactive. The interactive sensors bring the toy to life. Rocky the Robot Truck tells jokes. Check him out as he dances and his headlights light up. When he is tired, he goes to sleep. But the interaction does not end there, he even snores.

Kids can play with the truck as a plain old truck, pulling him around, lifting up his full-tilting bed, and filling the back with dirt or gravel. He can race with your child, zoom around on the patio and then explore the kitchen. He does work best on hard surfaces when in the interactive mode or running by himself, there's not quite enough traction on soft surfaces like carpets.

The truck is durably built with a sunny yellow exterior. Loads of fun even for older boys up to eight or nine years old. And yes, girls can have fun with Rocky the Robot Truck too.

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