Hot Christmas Toys 2009 For Boys

By Corey Landis

Struggling to choose just the right toy for a boy this holiday season? It can be confusing with all the different types of toys out there. Here are a few selections that should be just right for your son, grandson, or favorite nephew.

Air Hogs Switchblade

The Air Hogs Switchblade, no assembly required, is manufactured by the well known Spin Master Company. It's the latest in the company's collection of toy helicopters, airplanes, and rockets.

It is one of the most high-tech toys in the Air Hog line of products, operating on bi-motor wings without any kind of servo. Children can easily control the pitch of the aircraft with innovative motor power, and at the same time the yaw can be in control, by the difference between the existing powers of both the motors. The latest model of the Air Hogs Switchblade has double-half wings that can be easily clicked and rotated in its place, making an enormous rotor. And for those of you who don't have a clue what a pitch, servo, yaw, or rotor is, don't worry, it just means fun, a lot of fun.

The plane flies like a helicopter then straightens out to fly like a plane. It swoops and dives. Hovering above the ground it looks like an alien aircraft of the future. When it is flown into the air the half wings are unlocked to become a regular wing configuration, so it starts to fly similar to the regular planes. It looks amazing to watch the plane and play with.

Rocky the Robot Truck

Rocky the Robot Truck is one of the latest toys designed by the internationally popular-Matchbox Company. This truck doesn't sit idly by waiting for someone to play. It's an interactive toy.

The movements of Rocky the Robot Truck is irresistible even for parents. The truck can talk, tell jokes, dance, sleep- even snores while sleeping- and also flashes the headlights while speaking. To perform all these lively activities, it just needs 4 batteries.

Rocky the Robot Truck is a rugged truck that it can really sense the heaviness when you load the back of it. Such a rugged model with completely tilting bed allows the children to engage in loading, moving, dumping, hauling and other construction projects.

Battle Strikers

Battle Strikers are a wonderful toy for boys from the internationally trusted MegaBrands toy company. It has stormed the toy world with its individual battles and tournaments full of action and adventure for your child. Battle Strikers are battling tops, controlled by the players. These aren't the old fashioned spinning tops of grandpa's day but a fresh new toy for the 2009 Christmas season especially for boy six years old and above.

Battle Strikers work utilizing magnetic technology, with the help of the Turbo Launcher. It energizes the Battle Striker to a speed of 7500 RPMs. With such power, these strikers can leap, dodge, as well as proceed into the battle scene, while being fully controllable. Children love the fact that they have 16 collectible, unique, and customizable pieces, which all work magnetically and can turn to various degrees for defensive and offensive precision.

The controller is just like a joystick which attaches to the top of the Striker and then released. The players can move it around in any degree they want. The choice of Battle Arena enhances the battling dimensions. It's such a great design that they can be played on any surface, so the kids can have it wherever they move to. Days of playing with simple spinning heads are gone and now it is 21st century and its time for the parents to equip their kids with latest technology toys in their toy collection.

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