Hasbro FurReal Friends Smores Pony – Toy of the Year! (according to Me)

By Troy T. Masterson

For Christmas this year, one toy, the Hasbro FurReal Friends Smores Pony has stood out amongst the masses. At least according to my 5 year old. "Daddy, can I just get one really really big thing this year? Her name is Smores and I love her."

What do you do? She wasn't kidding when she said "big", me being self employed and with the economy the way it is, not to mention me never having spent nearly what a "Smores Pony" costs on ANY toy. Not even close. I looked it up. Researched it. Saw the video. As a matter of fact, I watched about half a dozen videos on YouTube of children receiving this adorable pet pony. If you are considering purchasing one, you definitely should look it up on YouTube and see the kids expressions when they receive it. Ok, I said to myself, why do the toy companies have to do this to us innocent consumers? Come out with a toy that is so incredible that even I was sold on it, regardless of the price. Since she is an only child, I think I can handle the "hefty" price.

Ok, so I ordered it. Well, I'm glad I took it out of the box and assembled it, because I don't think my little girl would want to see her newest addition to the family "headless". I originally found this out on one of the videos where the dad had not taken it out of the box until Christmas. His daughter didn't mind her "headless" pet a bit, but I know mine, and she just might be a little freaked at the site of the headless pony. So, yep, you have to screw the head on (just and expression!). It was easy to assemble. The hiding it for a few weeks is the tough part. A solution. A friend I have that does not have children is "babysitting" Smores until the big day. I can't believe how excited I am! I know how much she wanted this. I'm sorry I don't have an ending, as it is in the future. But watch the videos and check out some web sites if your child loves this toy like mine does. You will be sold. AND, you've been warned! Good luck, you will love it as I am sure my little one will. As she already told me, "daddy, I love her."

Troy T. Masterson is a toy lover and family man who lives for his family. He feels that you, as a parent, are a crucial factor in the development and growth of your child. Providing a loving and caring environment, as well as educating and leading in a caring way will provide your child with the best possible head start to a productive and happy life. If you feel you have received value from his article, you are invited to click on his link where he provides video, pictures, and a little more information on the Hasbro FurReal Friends Smores Pony. I think you will enjoy it. Don't forget to click on the *Pet Me* link on his website which allows you to interact online with Smores!

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