Hasbro Fur Real Pony

Brendon Riekert

The Hasbro Fur Real Pony is one of the common ways that people have searched for the lovable toy that promises to be every girls dream present. The correct term for this adorable toy would actually be "Hasbro furreal friends pony", the fur and real are all one word in the correct spelling. Either way this toy is really a phenomenon in the toy world. Hasbro won the 2007 toy of the year award with the "Butterscotch" pony for the best girl's toy of the year. Since then, they keep growing in popularity.

It's easy to see why, the fur feels lifelike and the movements are lifelike as well. This pony has several sensors which make it appear to live and breath just like a real pony. The pony responds to touch as well as sound. If you speak to the pony, she will cock her head in your direction as if listening to what you have to say. She will also respond to your girl as she pets her with ear twitching and tail swishing.

Not only does the horse listen well and love attention, she's also big and strong enough for your little girl to jump on and take a ride. Although the Hasbro Fur Real Pony won't actually walk, she has sensors that tell her when someone is on her back and she'll respond with movements that simulate her taking a walk, so your little girl can actually "ride" her furreal pony in to the sunset.

It seems to be every girl's wish to have a pony of her own. Well with the Hasbro Fur Real Pony, you can make her wish come true, make her eyes sparkle and put a huge smile on her face. She might have her heart set on one already, and you can be the hero as you watch her open it on Christmas morning.

The Hasbro Fur Real Pony also comes with it's own food so you won't have to stock up on grain, or hay bales for the winter. She's fine living in the house with you so you don't have to own large plots of land for her to roam, and the only chores this pony requires is that you give her enough affection, which is exactly what your daughter will do.

There are two models of the Furreal Friends Pony. The Furreal Friends Butterscotch Pony, and the Furreal Friends Smores Pony. Each comes with a carrot and a brush. They retail $270 - $295.

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