Great Toy Robot Ideas For Birthday and Christmas

If you are looking for the ideal present for your children, grandchildren or even friends of the family then robot toys are an ideal choice. Robot Toys have come a long way over the last few years with the artificial intelligence becoming incredibly real as well as the moment of many of the toys available such as the Screature Interactive Dinosaur.

One of the latest robot toys, the Screature Interactive Dinosaur has a brilliant design which will please any child who receives this as a birthday or Christmas present. The scary look combines with extremely realistic sounds with the other end of the scale being a very loyal Dinosaur to his master. All you need to do is place him in a room on guard mode and he will guard your room with no hesitation or question.

If robot Dinosaurs are not your thing then the Matchbox Rocky the Robot Truck maybe more along your line of fun. This interactive dumper truck comes aimed at children from the age of three upwards. The truck has a superb array of features being able to talk, drive, lift, dump and do a dance. His vocabulary comes with over 100 phrases.

The Rocky The Robot is not just another toy on the market which will wear out quickly. The truck is built with strong durable plastic and able to handle heavy loads either by manually pulling the leaver or automatically when you make a noise. Adding to the 100 phrases Rocky has, press his red button and he will tell a joke or say a phrase or just wake him up if he is having an afternoon kip.

One of the best selling robot toys of 2009 was the incredible popular Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster. Kids just love them, with their curiosity and personality which ranges from abilities to play, slide, run and explore their home and environment. Each of the Zhu Zhu pets have their own personality, you may remember Furbys several years ago, these are very similar with their appreciation of being of being cared for, hear them chatter to themselves.

If your children are more into soft toys, animals or a combination of both then the Furreal Friends My Lovin Pup is a superb choice as a robot pet which comes with its adoption certificate which allows your new pup to complete its entry into his or her new home. The artificial intelligence of the Lovin Pup is very advanced with the pup being able to understand your voice.

Each of the Lovin Pups available come pretrained so they can sit, stay and stand right out of their box, or kennel should we say. As with real pet puppies, the Lovin Pup will bark or whine when a child speaks to them or bark with happiness when they hear their name called. All of these robot toys can be found on www.coolrobottoys.com with more information on each robot.

Rob Stone writes many articles on childrens toys from robots to trampolines all of which can be found online.

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