Femisapien Robot is a Unique Toy For Girls

By Mary Davenport

Gone are the days when girls satisfied themselves with simple games of hopscotch or jump rope. There are practically no more simple toys for girls left in the toy market these days. It's slowly being dominated by more and more complicated contraptions. From toy PDAs to enhanced walkie-talkies and now the Femisapien Robot from wowee toys.

Femisapien is a very hip and ultra high-tech robot toy, she promises to be a whole lot more than just a simple robot toy. A hot toy like this actually tries to break the mold ordinary plastic robot toys that only have blinking lights and beeping sound effects and it makes a very special holiday gift for girls.

Femisapien, the robot doll has certainly come a long, long way from the old wind-up robots that used to be every kids fancy, like Robbie the Robot from the movie Forbidden Planet 1957. Come to think of it, its not going to be too long before robots are communicating with humans in a very personal way. In the future, you never know what special holiday toys are going be invented.

Children nowadays have more discerning taste when it comes to their entertainment. So in an age where cell phones and digital cameras are just all too common, whats really the buzz about robot toys for girls? Things are indeed a changing, a Femisapien robot toy is practically what each and every girl wishes for.

Femisapien is a unique toy for girls. She has over different 50 functions and commands. She can walk, talk and dance. She will even give you a hug and a kiss! This feminine robot has all the curves in the right places too and a sexy voice that drives all male robots wild. Its an emotional voice, not actually words, I think they call it Femmish. So she makes sounds that indicate different emotions, she works in any language.

Video games have been a common choice when it comes to electronic tech toy gadgets for children, however these cannot be considered as a robot toy like Femisapien. No, Femisapien is a very special holiday toy for girls that reflects the highest technology in female robot toys today.

What's differentiates Femisapien from being a video game? Video games are just electronic role playing mind games where you have a specific goal or task that must be taken care of while a robot toy like the Femisapien is actually dependent on the interaction with the user. This feminine robot is actually a simulation of sexy girl with all the curves in the right places. She also has a sexy voice and swings her hips when she walks. Ordinary toy robots really dont compare to Femisapien.

Mary Davenport - Dec 1, 2008 - Femisapien Robot Doll

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