Cornelius Elementary First In CyberKids Robotics Competition Program

Cornelius Elementary is the first school in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools to participate in the CyberKids Robotics Competitors Plan.

Being offered as component with the Talent Development class, which serves Academically Intelligently Gifted students, eight students were selected for the program based on academic scores, classroom overall performance, leadership and citizenship within the college.

Cornelius Elementary First In CyberKids Robotics Competition Program

The school's robotics group at some point may expand to consist of other students too.

CyberKids Robotics is a non-profit education organization dedicated to improving the STEM education of students in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia via our exciting robotics competition program. The CyberKids Robotics Competition Program is a great hands-on understanding encounter for kids in grades four through nine. Children understand group function as well as math, science, computer programming and critical considering skills inside a fun atmosphere. CyberKids' experienced staff functions with your children and prepares them for local, think and nationwide robotics competitions.

"We build and program robots to do missions," said Alex Faulk. "Right now, we're doing a mission where we make the robot go back and forth using a pivot-turn."

"I joined because I really like robots," said Vicente Maldonado. "My favorite part is when we test the robots and find out if it works or not."

"It's exciting," said Thomas Deal. "You put so much work into it before you finally get it right."

Robotics teams consist of four to seven kids. Every group works together to solve missions and compete against other teams in their area. Teams have the opportunity to compete on the local, state and national levels.

The group will get its official think competition mission on Sept. three. The state competition will be in January or February in the Greensboro Coliseum, where teams may have two minutes and 30 seconds to rack up as many points as they are able to. With the 60 teams that competed in last year's event, 23 of them were CyberKids' teams.

The group will have to program to complete as many missions as feasible whilst its robot travels around an 8-foot-by-4-foot vinyl "map" filled with various obstacles and landmarks like roads, trees and buildings. Missions variety from picking up objects and bringing them back again towards the map's home base to delivering objects to various sites about the map.

Diane Price, the talent development teacher at the school, pushed to get the 12-month program at the school. It was approved in February through the school's administration group and received much more than $2,100 from Presbyterian Hospital Huntersville.

Pick up a robot kit right here on Cool Robot Toys today. If you're interested within the CyberKids Robotics Competitors Plan for your college, please call a single of our Marketing Representatives at (828) 292-2393 or e-mail your request for more information to cyberkids@charter.net.

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