Collect All The Zoids Toys

The Zoids toys are one of the well-known collectibles amongst Zoids fans, especially Zoids Zero, the mechanic robot which is engaged with Bit Cloud, and is a must for Zoids' huge fans. These Zoids model kits are deemed to be amazing machines taking animal forms with fascinating powers. Going on is a list of Zoids toys which are most entrancing and popular among fans.


Out of the Zoids series, the Bloody Death Saurer can be said as one of the most amazing-looking collectible with its spinning air intakes and lighting-up feature. This Zoid action figure has been a real treat to fans, though it is a shame it was never re-issued again. The Elephant Zoids MIB, which started with grey and dark blue colours were one of the most popular figurines. Each of these Zoids model kits were to be assembled and the parts came in trees. There are even some cases where you are given the chance to build in the wind-up motor for the toy's mobility.


Moving forward, out of the Jr Zoids line of toys, the Jr-mo & Iron Kong 2-Pack MIB can be considered to be the blast. Though the toys are in the same packaging as the individual boxes, this particular set offers additional accessories. The Gojulas boasts a double missile launcher in a open and close form whereas the Iron Kong sets a missile launching gun on his shoulder.


Furthermore, hardcore fans must have noted the Zoids Super Deformed series. Although the model kits of this line is not as cut-edge as previous Zoids action figures, the toys are actually extremely cute with their side functions as they go rolling. These little functions include gun movements, opening jaws, tail-wagging and so on. The whole series of this Zoids toys was at first launched in Japan, it was then released in America, though with a change of colours and improvised cute eyes.


All the mentioned Zoids toys might not be as easy to collect as it seems, but it is a sure thing that all avid fans will work hard and try by any means to get their hands on these Zoids model kits.

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