Cool Robot Toys offers a wide variety of robotic toys and robotic kits

Cool Robot Toys offers a wide variety of robotic toys and robotic kits. From little kids robot kits to big kids robotic toys Cool Robot Toys has you covered.

You can build a robot for student projects, competitions, or just for fun. Learn about artificial intelligence, electronics, and mechanisms all at the same time with these amazing robotic kits.

The problem is with so many robotic kits available on the market today it's tough to know which one's are the best. Here at Cool Robot Toys we stay up top of the world of robotics in order to provide you the best of the best.
Mister Robot
Robot kits are a great intro to robotics bringing the ever growing field of technology in robotics right into your hands. Some of our most popular are the Toysmith Robot line of robot kits. Perfect for those just getting started and really inexpensive. The Parallax Scribbler and SumoBots are another favorite. For the more advanced you may want to try your hand at our Hexapod or Humanoid Robot Kits.

No matter your age, or skill set, one of these robot kits will be perfect for you whether you're jumping into a new hobby or you're a seasoned vet. Get ready to experiment, learn, and use your creativity with your next robotic kit.

Cool Robot Toys also carries a huge amount of cutting edge robotic toys. Some people like to call their robotic toy a robo pet.

So, why would you want a robo pet you ask? No matter what your opinion on it may be, choosing a robopet over the more traditional family dog or cat is becoming more and more the norm. After all you can always take the batteries out and you don't have to worry about cleaning up their mess.

There are number of companies producing amazing robotic toys from ˇ to the Tomy I-Sobot Robot and the hugely successful Zhu Zhu Pets. Right now there are two companies ahead of the pack when it comes to producing life-like robotic toys, FurReal Friends, and WowWee.

FurReal Friends line of FurReal Pets include your choice of a FurReal Pup, a FurReal Cat, or even a FurReal Chimp - to name a few.

WowWee actually has many subdivisions of products to choose from including WowWee Alive, WowWee Flytech, and WowWee Robotics. The WowWee Robotic toys focus more on your classic robots from the Robosapien v2 and RobotReptile. WowWee Alive are soft and huggable robopets. Get a WowWee Lion for the youngster in your life. Many of the WowWee Flytech products will take flight. Get the WowWee Bladestar or Dragon for the boys, WowWee Tinkerbell for the girls. They're great stocking stuffers or gifts for any occasion. With such a variety of toys to choose from everybody can find their own robopet.

No more browsing the web and searching the toy stores for the perfect robopet. We've got all the newest and coolest robotic toys and robotic kits to choose from. Cool Robot Toys is constantly updating our website to keep you on top of all the amazing new robotic toys available. So bookmark this site today and come back often to see all the cool robot toys, and kits.

Masdar’s Driverless Robotic Shuttles

We no longer have to imagine a world where cars drive themselves. In Masdar Town, Abu Dhabi, robotic shuttles are already a reality. Madsar's net zero power community is on the front line of innovative technology with a special focus on the environment.

Constructed by Dutch manufacturer 2getthere, the autonomous electric automobiles are guided point to point utilizing overhead RFID and magnet sensors to shuttle through the net zero power. Masdar can expect their new robotic shuttles to go 25 miles per hour.

Masdar Tests Driverless Robotic Shuttles

But perhaps the most innovative technology to debut in Masdar City is the planned network of self-driving electric vehicles. Because what's the point in concentrating about the road if your car can do it for you?

It appears that the "car-free" part of Masdar City's plan doesn't mean no cars whatsoever, just no gas-burning automobiles. We first wrote about Masdar back in 2007 and it's a "zero carbon, zero waste, car-free city" dream that has not died quite yet. The latest technologies that might be employed there's an all-electric, driver-free pod car constructed by a Dutch company called To get There.

City planners have ordered a dozen pod vehicles. Eight standard units, two VIP models and two which will move freight rather than individuals. The EVs can go up to 25 miles per hour and go around 37 miles on a charge. RFID chips and sensors maintain the vehicles about the road and stop them from hitting individuals. To maintain everything as carbon neutral as feasible, the cars' batteries are charged from other batteries, which spend all day within the Abu Dhabi sun charging up.


trossen robotics


Cornelius Elementary First In CyberKids Robotics Competition Program

Cornelius Elementary is the first school in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools to participate in the CyberKids Robotics Competitors Plan.

Being offered as component with the Talent Development class, which serves Academically Intelligently Gifted students, eight students were selected for the program based on academic scores, classroom overall performance, leadership and citizenship within the college.

Cornelius Elementary First In CyberKids Robotics Competition Program

The school's robotics group at some point may expand to consist of other students too.

CyberKids Robotics is a non-profit education organization dedicated to improving the STEM education of students in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia via our exciting robotics competition program. The CyberKids Robotics Competition Program is a great hands-on understanding encounter for kids in grades four through nine. Children understand group function as well as math, science, computer programming and critical considering skills inside a fun atmosphere. CyberKids' experienced staff functions with your children and prepares them for local, think and nationwide robotics competitions.

"We build and program robots to do missions," said Alex Faulk. "Right now, we're doing a mission where we make the robot go back and forth using a pivot-turn."

"I joined because I really like robots," said Vicente Maldonado. "My favorite part is when we test the robots and find out if it works or not."

"It's exciting," said Thomas Deal. "You put so much work into it before you finally get it right."

Robotics teams consist of four to seven kids. Every group works together to solve missions and compete against other teams in their area. Teams have the opportunity to compete on the local, state and national levels.

The group will get its official think competition mission on Sept. three. The state competition will be in January or February in the Greensboro Coliseum, where teams may have two minutes and 30 seconds to rack up as many points as they are able to. With the 60 teams that competed in last year's event, 23 of them were CyberKids' teams.

The group will have to program to complete as many missions as feasible whilst its robot travels around an 8-foot-by-4-foot vinyl "map" filled with various obstacles and landmarks like roads, trees and buildings. Missions variety from picking up objects and bringing them back again towards the map's home base to delivering objects to various sites about the map.

Diane Price, the talent development teacher at the school, pushed to get the 12-month program at the school. It was approved in February through the school's administration group and received much more than $2,100 from Presbyterian Hospital Huntersville.

Pick up a robot kit right here on Cool Robot Toys today. If you're interested within the CyberKids Robotics Competitors Plan for your college, please call a single of our Marketing Representatives at (828) 292-2393 or e-mail your request for more information to cyberkids@charter.net.

LEGO Contest Helps Kids Learn About Robotics

The 9-year-old Wrightsville Beach Elementary School student"s LEGO robot automobile rolled forward on its monitor just as she had programmed it to.Driving it toward a small plastic loop, it lifted its arm to pick it up and just missed.

"Awww," she said, frowning.

LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0

For her following try, "just program it to make the arm go a small bit reduce," advised Bill Kent, vice president of CyberKids Robotics, a private company that promotes robotics within the schools. Kent has been traveling from Hickory each and every two weeks to the school"s fourth grade academically gifted for the past year to coach the kids in robotics. This enjoyable also includes a practical objective -teaching the class teamwork skills, creative problem solving and needless to say, how to obtain a robot to complete your bidding.Fellow student Ethan Pierson bent more than his computer screen attempting to fix a kink in Sara"s robot"s trajectory.

"We do it all, and the driver gets all the credit," he said, joking with Sara. He programmed another route for the robot, and Sara downloaded it from his laptop to her robot with a USB cord.

"I just like just watching the robot on the track and having to set it up is a challenge to me," Sara added.Though the program isn"t the first of its kind in New Hanover County Schools, the Wrightsville program is the very first to win at competitors.In contrast to other brainiac contests, for example Odyssey from the Mind, or even the Science Olympiad, the N.C.

LEGO League Robotics Championship solely focuses on robot teams.

In January, the two teams of fourth graders - Group Magnatron and Group Nuclear Ninjas - won two best awards at their very first regional competition in Greensboro. Smart transportation was this year"s theme. You will find 188 teams statewide and only 60 qualify for state competitors.

Group Magnatron won first location at regionals for its project solving the transportation issue of traveling to Raleigh from Wilmington magnetically levitating cars up I-40. And Group Nuclear Ninjas won second place for teamwork for its work making a nuclear-powered monorail system on Wrightsville Seaside that would defeat congestion within the summer.

Winning is uncommon for rookie teams."The fact that they were two rookie teams competing against mostly fifth to ninth graders and won speaks volumes about the quality of students and parent support they have here," Kent said.Pamela Barker, their AIG teacher, saw this kind of interest from her students she devoted the year"s classes towards the program.

"I"ve seen a lot of growth as far as teamwork. They listen to one another more, and they have a lot more confidence in their presentations now," she said.If you"re interested in picking up a Lego Mindsorm robot kit for yourself or a school project you can check out our selection on Cool Robot Toys.

GeckoSystem’s Elder Care Robots

The CEO for GeckoSystems reported that they're very pleased with the insights and progress resulting from their ongoing elder care robot trials. They initiated the world's very first individual companion robot trials late last fall focused on assisting families caring for their elderly parents.

GeckoSystems is really a dynamic leader within the emerging robotics business revolutionizing their development and usage with "Mobile Robot Solutions for Security, Protection and Service."

GeckoSystems Care Robot

"It pleases me to report that to date we have not encountered any fundamental flaws or deficiencies in any of our suite of enabling technologies such as GeckoNav, GeckoChat, or GeckoTrak. Our proprietary solutions that have allowed us to have these ongoing elder treatment robot trials remain sound and robust in real globe, 'race day' usage.

"Our Japanese representative, Hajime Yasumatsu, updates us one to two times a week on the status of his discussions with an increasing number of interested Japanese robot businesses. The president of Tmsuk recently invited us to visit their lab in Japan such that we may discuss the provide we made them to jointly develop a four degree of freedom arm for upgrading the CareBot to be also physically utilitarian in addition to sensory utilitarian. We would also discuss their interest within the localization of the CareBot for the Japanese marketplace. Marubeni Info Systems is their marketing partner.

Since 1997, GeckoSystems has developed a comprehensive, coherent, and adequate suite of hardware and software inventions to allow a new type of home appliance the CareBot, to be created for that mass customer marketplace. The suite of major inventions includes: GeckoNav, GeckoChat and GeckoTrak.

The major marketplace for this item may be the loved ones for use in eldercare, care for that chronically ill, and childcare. The major distribution channel for this new house appliance may be the thousands of independent personal personal computer retailers in the U.S. The manufacturing infrastructure for this new item category of mobile support robots is essentially the same as the individual computer industry. Several outside contract manufacturers have been identified and qualified their ability to produce up to 1,000 CareBots per month within four to six months.

Not surprisingly, the scientific statistical analyses applied revealed that elderly over sixty-five living alone in metropolitan areas with broadband Internet available and sufficient household incomes to support the increased costs were identified as those most likely to adopt initially. Because of the high cost of assisted living, nursing homes, etc., the payback for any CareBot is expected to become only six to eight months while keeping elderly treatment receivers independent, in their own long time homes, and living longer because of the comfort and safety of much more frequent attention from their loved ones.

"We project the accessible marketplace size in dollars for price effective, utilitarian, multitasking eldercare personal robots in 2011 to become $74.0B, in 2012 to become $77B, in 2013 to be $80B, in 2014 to be $83.3B, and in 2015 to be $86.6B. With marketplace penetrations of .03% in 2011, .06% in 2012, .22% in 2013, .53% in 2014, and .81% in 2015, we will anticipate CareBot sales, from this consumer marketplace segment, only, of $22.0M, $44.0M, $176M, $440.2M, and $704.3M, respectively. We expect these sales despite -- and perhaps because of -- the present recession because of pent up demand for significant price reduction in eldercare expenses," opined Spencer.

The Company's "mobile robot solutions for safety, security and service" are suitable not only for that consumer, but also expert healthcare, commercial security and defense markets. Professional healthcare require price effective, timely errand running, portable telemedicine, etc. Homeland Protection requires price efficient mobile robots to patrol and monitor public venues for weapons and WMD detection. Military users desire the elimination of the "man in the loop" to enable unmanned ground and air vehicles to not require constant human control and/or intervention.

A number of dozen patent opportunities exist for that Company due to the many innovative and price effective breakthroughs embodied not just in GeckoNav, GeckoChat, and GeckoTrak, but also in additional, secondary systems that include: GeckoOrient, GeckoMotorController, the GeckoTactileShroud, the CompoundedSensorArray, and the GeckoSPIO(TM).

GeckoSystems may be the first mobile robot developer within the globe to begin actual in-home eldercare evaluation trials.

So what is it worth for any treatment receiver to have an automatic system to assist take treatment of Grandma? Just 3 or 4 days a month "off" on a daylong shopping trip, a go to with friends, or just take in a movie would price $225-500 per month. And that scenario assumes that Grandma is willing to become taken treatment of by a "stranger" during those required and appropriate days off.

The loved ones can customize the personality of the CareBot. The voice's cadence can be fast or slow. The intonation can be breathy, or abrupt. The voice's volume can range from very loud to really soft. The response phrases from the CareBot for recognized words and phrases can be colloquial and/or unique towards the family's personal heritage. The personality can range from brassy to timid depending on how the care giver, and others appropriate, chooses it to be.

Usually, the treatment receiver is pleased at the prospect of loved ones being able to drop in for a "virtual visit" using the onboard webcam and video monitor for at house "video conferencing." The care receiver might feel much more required and appreciated when their far flung loved ones and friends can "look in" on them anywhere in the world where they can get broadband web access and merely chat for any bit.

Hawaii Students Explore Undersea Volcanoes With Robotics

Teams of local middle and high school students competed with underwater robots that they designed and built. On the University of Hawaii at Hilo Student Life Center Pool, students utilized their underwater robots, known as remotely-operated automobiles to navigate the precarious terrain of active undersea volcanoes in a mock setting.

This years competition theme was undersea volcanoes and the part that ROVs play in their science and exploration. The focus of the competitors missions is the Lo'ihi seamount, an active undersea volcano rising more than 3,000 meters above the seafloor, situated off the coast with the Big Island.

Finishing first location and second place general respectively in todays competitors, college students from Hilo Higher College and Highlands Intermediate College Team 2 earned the correct to compete with teams from all more than the world in an international contest, which will also be held on the University of Hawaii at Hilo, June 24-26. Highlands Intermediate School Group 1 completed as the first runner-up general.

Robotics engages college students in science, technology, engineering and math education and provides them using the teamwork, essential thinking and problem- solving skills they have to compete in the 21st century workplace.