Biscuit Lovin Pup From Furreal Friends – Interactive Christmas Toys

By Dimitris Melis

Children just love puppies and they are constantly asking for one. But having a puppy is a big responsibility. It needs a lot of money for food, doctors, vaccines, toys and many more. Also, you know that children will only play with it while you will have to take it for walks, wash it, clean after the hair and the mess it creates. And you just don't have the time for all of that. So, children will be disappointed. Well, not any more. Now you have a solution to this problem. Its name is Fur Real Biscuit My Lovin' Pup.It costs a lot less than a real and it doesn't require all the attention and care as the real one. While it is very much like a real puppy. Although you will have great fun with it you don't have to spend endless hours looking after or a lot of money.

Biscuit My Lovin' Pup has voice recognition system that makes it obey at six commands like 'sit up and beg', 'speak' and many more. He will say if he wants a treat by nodding. He can move his head, blink his eyes, bark and wag his tail. He will gnaw on his bone and sniff around. Biscuit Lovin' Pup has sensors behind his ears and on his head and back thus he will wag his tail when you pet him or when he is happy. If you touch his back he will sit down or lay down if he is already sit. There is also a sensor on his forehead that makes him sneeze when you hold something close to his face.

You can set the puppy in three different modes. You know what he does when he is in the active mode. If you let him be for some minutes, he will be in hangout mode. He will whine to get your attention once more. If you don't pay him any attention he will get in sleeping mode. Since he have sensors it is better if you let him sleep in a dark room, so that he can sleep better. If you turn on the lights he will wake up and whine.

Biscuit my lovin' pup needs 6 D batteries that are bought separately. With the pet you get an adoption certificate, a collar, tag, brush and a bone. He is 11 ½ pounds and is 21 inches when sit. Biscuit is for children over 5 because it isn't very tiny. Many customers who have bought this toy for their children have the best to say. This Christmas it will definitely be a best seller.

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