Cool Robot Toys offers a wide variety of robotic toys and robotic kits

Cool Robot Toys offers a wide variety of robotic toys and robotic kits. From little kids robot kits to big kids robotic toys Cool Robot Toys has you covered.

You can build a robot for student projects, competitions, or just for fun. Learn about artificial intelligence, electronics, and mechanisms all at the same time with these amazing robotic kits.

The problem is with so many robotic kits available on the market today it's tough to know which one's are the best. Here at Cool Robot Toys we stay up top of the world of robotics in order to provide you the best of the best.
Mister Robot
Robot kits are a great intro to robotics bringing the ever growing field of technology in robotics right into your hands. Some of our most popular are the Toysmith Robot line of robot kits. Perfect for those just getting started and really inexpensive. The Parallax Scribbler and SumoBots are another favorite. For the more advanced you may want to try your hand at our Hexapod or Humanoid Robot Kits.

No matter your age, or skill set, one of these robot kits will be perfect for you whether you're jumping into a new hobby or you're a seasoned vet. Get ready to experiment, learn, and use your creativity with your next robotic kit.

Cool Robot Toys also carries a huge amount of cutting edge robotic toys. Some people like to call their robotic toy a robo pet.

So, why would you want a robo pet you ask? No matter what your opinion on it may be, choosing a robopet over the more traditional family dog or cat is becoming more and more the norm. After all you can always take the batteries out and you don't have to worry about cleaning up their mess.

There are number of companies producing amazing robotic toys from ˇ to the Tomy I-Sobot Robot and the hugely successful Zhu Zhu Pets. Right now there are two companies ahead of the pack when it comes to producing life-like robotic toys, FurReal Friends, and WowWee.

FurReal Friends line of FurReal Pets include your choice of a FurReal Pup, a FurReal Cat, or even a FurReal Chimp - to name a few.

WowWee actually has many subdivisions of products to choose from including WowWee Alive, WowWee Flytech, and WowWee Robotics. The WowWee Robotic toys focus more on your classic robots from the Robosapien v2 and RobotReptile. WowWee Alive are soft and huggable robopets. Get a WowWee Lion for the youngster in your life. Many of the WowWee Flytech products will take flight. Get the WowWee Bladestar or Dragon for the boys, WowWee Tinkerbell for the girls. They're great stocking stuffers or gifts for any occasion. With such a variety of toys to choose from everybody can find their own robopet.

No more browsing the web and searching the toy stores for the perfect robopet. We've got all the newest and coolest robotic toys and robotic kits to choose from. Cool Robot Toys is constantly updating our website to keep you on top of all the amazing new robotic toys available. So bookmark this site today and come back often to see all the cool robot toys, and kits.